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headmaster decree's
before you get started on monster, you should check out all of the important reads to make sure that you know what's going on!
2 0 Aug 7 2016
In: Site Rules
By: The Bloody Baron
daily prophet
any updates from the staff will go here. be sure to check back often so you always know what else we're bringing to the site!
Subforums: old announcements

4 15 Sep 27 2016
By: Merc
member services
if there is ever anything that you need, be sure to post within to ensure that the staff address everything in a timely manner.
Subforums: site codes

8 9 Aug 19 2016
In: open threads.
By: Rosalie Newcastle

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canon info
you will find all canon character information in this board.
Subforums: subplots

5 13 Sep 29 2016
In: canon list
By: Lily Potter
character registry
we do not have a character application but here you will find our character sorting thread, as well as all of our claims.
Subforums: non-mandatory claims

10 51 Sep 29 2016
In: face claim
By: Priya Thomas

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the shippers
all character shippers will be located here, please be sure to place your shipper in the correct forum. happy plotting with all the wonderful characters.
Subforums: adults, gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin, group

30 301 Sep 30 2016
In: revenge of the sith.
By: Dominique Weasley
wanted ads
have a specific story line in mind? not sure what character to make? check out our wanted ads!
Subforums: homme, femme, group, complete

15 67 Oct 3 2016
In: fifth years, unite!!!
By: Shay
further development
any further development you would like to do with your character can be done here.
Subforums: nana, merc, briana, horus, rowan, zed, hads, lett, lil, cupcake, abby, lo, asa, fyre, fia, ashy, misty, ace, sophie, angie, alexis, miles

32 36 Aug 25 2016
In: dancing waves ◇
By: Noah Abbott
have something you wanna send via owl? or even better, via your brand new magic box (that looks suspiciously like an iPhone)?
13 173 Oct 7 2016
In: it's almost halloween.
By: Thorston Vablatsky
social media
Social Media has been brought into the magical world through the use of various loopholes and probably far too much ambition.
Subforums: wiztagram, chirper, which witch?

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In: ----

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the grounds
the beautiful vast grounds of the castle expand from the waters of the lake to the rising sun. bordered by the dark forest, pathaways take you to various locations including the black lake, the quidditch pitch, the game keeper's hut, and to the front gates leading down to hogsmeade village.
Subforums: the lake, forbidden forest, quidditch pitch, green houses, gardens & lawns

5 16 Sep 29 2016
In: catch me in the afternoon,
By: Kathleen Abbott
deep below the castle are the endless tunnels and dungeons. the potions classroom is located here as well as empty dungeons and closets. more importantly, the slytherin common room, decorated in green shades, is hidden down here. be sure to keep track of your way or you may get lost.
Subforums: potions classroom, slytherin common room, lower dungeons, drake shrine

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In: ----
the sublevels expand just below ground level, home to the basements. the kitchen, hidden behind a portrait of a bowl of fruit, succeeds in providing the best of feasts. the hufflepuff common room, cozy and lit brightly with gold tapestries and immense greenery, houses the students of hufflepuff.
Subforums: hufflepuff common room, kitchen

1 3 Aug 23 2016
In: in the light
By: Amber Abasi
ground floor
the entrance to the castle is historic and grand in its own right. walking in through the quaint courtyard, you will witness the grand staircase leading up to the many castle levels. with statues guarding the hall, the great hall is on this level as are the doors leading to the lower levels.
Subforums: courtyard, entrance hall, great hall

1 0 Aug 13 2016
In: empty stomachs
By: Waldo Macnair
first floor
lined with classrooms, the first floor is the hot spot for students going to and from their magical studies. the defense against the dark arts, transfiguration, and muggle studies are the courses that dominate the first level. down the corridor, you will find one of the girls' lavatories.
Subforums: girl's lavatory, muggle studies classroom, defense against the dark arts classroom, history of magic classroom, transfiguration classroom

4 10 Aug 24 2016
In: not fooling anyone,
By: Noah Abbott
second floor
desolate, the second floor is more traffic than destination. the corridor expands down the length of the castle with moaning myrtle's bathroom located at the end. however, it is not all that often that students embark here. the screams of myrtle's ghost is enough to make sure of that.
Subforums: moaning myrtles bathroom

1 0 Aug 8 2016
In: < hearts on fire >
By: Poppy Parkinson
third floor
to see the outstanding attributes of past hogwarts students for yourself, you can travel to the trophy room located here on the third floor. or perhaps the armoury, plated in silver and steel. the charms classroom is located on this level, as well as the newly renovated hospital wing.
Subforums: store room, hospital wing, charms classroom, armoury & trophy room

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In: ----
fourth floor
the two story library, stocked with thousands of magical novels and history books, is the calling for those who need the quiet to study their courses or even, to conjure mischief in the restricted section. the fourth level contains both a functioning boys' and a girls' lavatory as well.
Subforums: library, girls lavatory, boys lavatory

1 0 Aug 22 2016
In: saving yourself,
By: Noah Abbott
fifth floor
the greatest feature of the fifth floor is the corridor, hiding the various passages that take one to different areas of the castle, added after the great battle of hogwarts years ago. the prefect's bathroom, decorated in marble, gold, and mermaid paintings, is located here as a prefect haven.
Subforums: prefects bathroom

1 2 Aug 23 2016
In: heavy metal detox.
By: Scorpius Malfoy
sixth floor
the sixth floor of the castle is more beauty than blunt. lined with decorated statues and paintings, the corridor is brightly lit with windows. the ancient runes classroom, the study of ancient scripts, is located here as well as a sole boys' lavatory at the end of the decorated corridor.
Subforums: boys lavatory, ancient runes classroom

1 7 Aug 17 2016
In: ❝ burning sky
By: Calantha Avery
seventh floor
the room of requirement, mastering itself to what you need most, is located here in secret but to the few who know its magic. the arithmancy and divination classroom is located here on the seventh floor as well as the gryffindor common room, in all its maroon and golden adornment.
Subforums: gryffindor common room, divination classroom, room of requirement, arithmancy classroom

1 4 Aug 15 2016
In: goldmine.
By: Calantha Avery
he castle towers are the dominating feature of the school from afar and inside the walls. from north to south, the towers touch the ever cracking the sky. from the astronomy tower to the ravenclaw common room, the towers contain some of the most important locations in the entire castle.
Subforums: ravenclaw common room, owlery tower, headmistresses office, astronomy tower, clock tower

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In: ----

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the little village of hogsmeade lays just below the shadow of hogwarts castle. divided by rows of streets, the quaint town is home to residences alike its neighbor. however, most will find the magical shops and savory pub brews that line the streets to be what makes the village so remarkable.
Subforums: honeydukes, three broomsticks, shrieking shack, madame puddifoots, train station, general shops

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In: ----
diagon alley
inside diagon alley you will find restaurants, shops and gringotts bank. the magical place is filled with new hogwarts students flocking there before school begins to purchase their belongings.
Subforums: gringotts wizarding bank, flourish and blotts, magical menagerie, ollivanders, weasleys' wizard wheezes, florean fortescue's ice cream parlour

1 0 Aug 21 2016
In: someday
By: Camden Cauldwell
outside the mountains that border hogwarts and hogsmeade, is the expanse of the european countryside. with bustling villages, calm farm land, to rugged terrain and breezy ocean shores, any thread happening at your character's home will be placed here.
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In: ----
time turner
one turn of the time turner to go back, two to go forward. living in the past may be a dark moral to stand by, but reliving the past can define a character. feel free to go back beyond what your very own memories! or travel forward, to paths unknown. the time turner is in your possession.
1 4 Oct 2 2016
In: quiet storm
By: Arkady Greengrass
alternate universe
want to plot your characters against each other in a world with no magic, into the hunger games, or turn enemies into lovers? threads in here can defy anything you've ever known. get ready to blow your minds.
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In: ----

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general discussion
looking for a bit of fun? join our games! or why not introduce yourself?
Subforums: introductions, away notices

14 53 Oct 5 2016
In: computer problems :c
By: Orion Warrington
thanks for visiting monster!
Subforums: first post, link back & accepted

94 46 Jul 24 2017
By: ttrp

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